About me

Assisting organizations with digital transformation and cybersecurity implementation for better and more secure customer experience is my passion. My interest lies in continuing to support growing organizations by integrating new technology and enhancing infrastructure through strategic planning and effective communication.

Graduate studies in Information Management with a concentration in Security Management at Syracuse University have equipped me to help people and organizations interface with technology safely and efficiently, creating positive impacts through technology.

Currently, I serve as a System Analyst at Forrest Health Hospital system, where I monitor over 60 integrated systems daily to ensure operational integrity, compliance, and security. My responsibilities include conducting SQL queries, resolving technical issues, and managing role-based access controls for Lawson and Kronos systems in accordance with strict compliance standards. I am actively involved in creating standardized knowledge base documentation and improving request management procedures to enhance the efficiency and consistency of IT support across the organization.

In my previous roles, such as Information Security Analyst at Taconic Bioscience and Technical Support Specialist at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, I have gained valuable experience in cybersecurity awareness, customer support, and technical troubleshooting. These experiences have reinforced my commitment to excellence in technology integration and security.

Outside of work, rowing has been a cornerstone of my life since adolescence, providing lessons in discipline, persistence, and teamwork. As an international recruit to Varsity rowing at Hobart College, I have competed in numerous international competitions across Europe and won multiple gold medals at regional and national regattas in the United States. These experiences have underscored the dynamics and benefits of teamwork, which I continue to apply in both my professional and personal endeavors.


I like spending time in nature and capturing all the beautiful moments with my camera. I have been doing sport and nature photography since I was in high school. My primary focus is landscape photography.

Downhill skiing, snowboarding and ice scatting connects me with the beauty of snow-covered alpine slopes. When I go skiing, my entire universe just becomes myself, the mountain, and one or two ski buddies. Nothing else matters.

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